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Knowing how to download Instagram audio can make your life a lot easier. After all, sometimes you need to save some of the messages they send you directly to listen to them later. Remember that direct consists of a resource present on Instagram for all users.

Both those who have personal profiles and commercial and content creation profiles.

The method to download audio from Instagram can work for those with an Android or iOS phone. Namely, there is a step-by-step for each one; however, it is possible to do this with both systems.

Another important fact is that there are tips for those who want to download Instagram video audio. So if this is your intention, know that we will also help here.

Whatever your goal, what do you think about following the article to know how to download audio from Instagram? We will talk about some possibilities and tricks. Stay in!

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What to do to download audio from Instagram?

As we said in the introduction, there are some strategies for you to save the audio of your conversations direct on Instagram on your cell phone.

In addition, some apps extract only sound from videos posted on this social network. So it goes for videos from IGTV, Reels, or from the feed itself. That is, you will need to use specific applications to do these two actions. And the coolest thing is that many of them are free.

We have already stated that it is necessary to be connected to your Instagram from a computer and not from your mobile device for any of these downloads. Another addendum is that it is not possible to use Instagram itself to do this. Through the social network, you can only download written conversations direct.

Ways to download audio on Instagram are being widely used nowadays due to the high sharing of content, as well as the greater concern for data security.

After all, when you send or receive a message via direct, you may not feel safe about the user you are talking to. So what can he do with your conversation? To make sure, then, you can download audio from Instagram and keep the messages with you in case something happens.

Programs to download audio from Instagram

Currently, there are free programs that can be downloaded to a cell phone or tablet in order to record any content from social networks and extract the audio of what you want.

We've selected four app options for both Android and iOS that you can take advantage of to test this functionality on your device. What do you think about knowing?

Snaptube App – Android

This application is one of the best known for downloading audio from Instagram, especially music contained in videos and reels. Aimed at mobile phones with the Android system, this free app also works to download content from other social networks, such as Facebook, TikTok, and Vimeo, for example.

The cool thing about this application is that when you enter it, you already log in to your Instagram, and you don't have to browse both apps to download the audios you want. That is, you do everything inside Snaptube. It allows you to download MP3 and MP4 files.

Click here to discover the Snaptube App.

MP3 Converter – Android

MP3 Converter is another app for Android phones that is perfect for downloading audio from Instagram videos. You know that song you saw on IGTV by your favorite blogger? Then you can download it to your cell phone with the help of this program, which is also free.

What it basically does is convert videos to plain MP3 files; that is, it extracts only the audios. Although simple, it offers some advantages, such as the possibility of downloading 15 videos at once.

In addition, you can edit the audio volume if it is too low in the original video and make other modifications with the tools available.

Click here to know Video to MP3 Converter.

AZ Screen Recorder – Android

With AZ Screen Recorder, you have an extra feature to be able to capture videos that are on Instagram. By activating it while playing the media, you record, and then you can use the aforementioned MP3 Converter app to extract the audio from this recorded video.

Namely, this is a program that is currently used by gamers who stream and need to record their screens while they are playing.

Click here to learn about AZ Screen Recorder.

My MP3 – iOS

For iOS smartphone users, you can download Instagram video audio from MY MP3. It can be used to convert any media, whether it's in your gallery or social networks like Instagram, for example. Then you can share these audios in countless ways.

Click here to discover My MP3.

How to Download Instagram Audio on Android

Well, after knowing the ideal programs to download audio from Instagram, what do you think about knowing details on how to do this?

First, let's explain how to download Instagram audio from Android phones using two of the aforementioned apps: AZ Screen Recorder and MP3 Converter. Remember that both are on the Play Store for free.

By downloading the application, you must follow this step by step:

  1. Open the conversation in director the video from which you want to remove the audio;
  2. After that, select the AZ Screen Recorder icon;
  3. By clicking on the camcorder icon, you will start recording your smartphone screen.
  4. Then you must click to play the audio of the conversation or the Instagram video.
  5. When the recording of the desired content is already done, stop recording the screen.
  6. Wait for a notification that the video is already in your mobile folder.
  7. Now is the part where you will extract the audio from this screen recording. We indicate the aforementioned application 'MP3 Converter'.
  8. Open it on your mobile and select the option to convert 'video to audio.'
  9. Choose on your mobile the video you want to convert.
  10. Choose the Convert option in the app.
  11. From there, the audio will be saved on your cell phone.

This walkthrough also works on your Android tablet.

How to Download Instagram Audio on iOS

Now, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, both of which use Apple's iOS system, there is an even easier way to download Instagram audio. That's because you won't need to download two apps, as in the case of Android. You will only need an app found in the Apple Store.

  1. First of all, know what content will be downloaded from your Instagram via your iOS device.
  2. It can be a message, indirect, or other video content.
  3. Once you choose, you will have to make a recording of this screen.
  4. To do this, swipe up when you are on the desired screen and click on the recording icon.
  5. This recorded video of your screen is in your cell phone gallery. Go there and look for the file.
  6. Click on that video and cut it according to the beginning and end of the audio you want.
  7. Save this media.
  8. Now is the time to convert this content to MP3 with the help of a specific app. We suggest using the My MP3 application mentioned above.
  9. In this app, you will see a magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen. Click on it.
  10. You will be redirected to the gallery, where you have to look for the video you recorded.
  11. The conversion will be performed automatically.
  12. By clicking on Open With, you can open the media to check if everything is ok.
  13. You can now share this file with whoever you want.

So, did you like to know the ways to download audio from Instagram? Test it on your social network, and then come back here to tell us if it worked!

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