How to add stickers with your photos and selfies in Instagram stories

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We are going to explain how to add stickers with your photos when you are creating stories on Instagram so that you can put several photos as stickers on the photo or video that you are using as a base. This will allow you several types of compositions, such as a blurred photo of your face

Stickers with photos and selfies

The first thing you have to do is start the conventional process of creating a new story by clicking on the create new post button and choosing that you want to create a story. Here, you don't have to do anything different than usual.

Now, just take the photo or record the video you want for the story. Come on, create the content as you would normally. When you choose or create the photo or video you want to use as a story, now you have to click on the add stickers button, which appears with a smiling sticker icon at the top of the screen.

When you open the stickers menu, there are two types of stickers you can use to add photos. Both have a round icon, one with a picture of a photo camera and the other with a picture of cards with the addition symbol. They are to take a selfie or use a photo from your mobile respectively.

If you choose the sticker to take the photo instantly, which appears with a camera icon, a sticker will be added with what is seen on the front camera of your mobile. This sticker has a large circular button, which is used to take the photo you want and make it look like a sticker with blurred edges on top of the photo or video in your story. When you take the photo, the sticker will stay with the image, and you will be able to move it and change its size as if it were a normal sticker.

If you choose the sticker to choose one of your mobile photos, a screen will open where you can see the last photos that you have taken with the device's camera, and that is in the mobile's memory. Here, by choosing the photo, it will be added to the story, and you can click on it to change its format, move it wherever you want, and rotate or change its size.