How to clean discolored Vinyl flooring- Easy restoration

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Just like everything else, there will be one point in time when your vinyl floor gets discolored and looks pale and lifeless. It is a sign that you should give the vinyl floor a proper maintenance, in order to bring it back to life. In case you are wondering how to clean discolored Vinyl flooring, this article is for you. We will show you some of the most easy methods that can be executed using the most common household ingredients. Now without further ado, lets begin, shall we?

Baking soda: Every households best friend

Not just good for making delicious cake, baking soda is also a wonderful ingredient in terms of house cleaning. So how to clean discolored linoleum using baking soda? The process is simple, all it needs is 2 clean cloths, some baking soda and some water. Mix the baking soda with some water until it becomes a thick paste. Next, apply the paste onto the discolored spot, then get a piece of clean cloth, gently rub the paste over the spot. The baking soda will act as a stain remover and slowly remove the discolored spot. Finally, use the second cloth to clean the baking soda residue. This would work perfectly with stubborn stains as well.

Rubbing alcohol

This is one of the most common substances that is always available in every household. Unlike baking soda, which requires you to mix with water to form a cleaning paste, you can apply rubbing alcohol directly. Heres how:

- Dab a piece of clean cloth onto the rubbing alcohol. Try not to soak the cloth, it will not affect anything, but unnecessary, since alcohol vapors quickly.

- Rub gently over the discolored area. It is best for you to use the microfiber cloth, they are vinyl floor safe, and it will minimize the chance that you scratch the floor.

- Repeat the process until the floor is spotless clean

Note: If the stain is too large, you can use a vinyl floor mop instead of small cloth. The mop can speed up the process substantially. In case you dont know which mop will suit you, you can visit ALL IN ONE Guides, they have all the recommendations that can meet everyones needs.


WD-40 is famous for its power in terms of cleaning stubborn stains, and it is safe to use on vinyl flooring. If you dont know how to use WD-40, here are the simple steps:

- Add a few drops of WD-40 onto a soft, clean cloth

- Rub the cloth over the discolored spot in a circular motion until the spot is lifted.

- Clean the WD-40 residue with a damp clean towel.


If you want your vinyl flooring to last forever, you will need to take proper care for it. by following the steps above we guarantee that you will be able to make your vinyl flooring look fresh and as good as new, bringing a liveliness into the home. For now, thank you so much for reading, we hope you have a great day!
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