How to Choose the Right Lunesta 1 mg Dosage.

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Lunesta is a sleeping medicine. It helps for a full night's sleep. The starting variant of Lunesta is 1mg and there are three variants 1mg, 2mg, and 3mg, This medication is only used orally, before taking the medicine consult your doctor. Sometimes people face hangovers the next day

The 1mg is the initial dose of this medicine, both male and female. The side effects of Lunesta 1mg include drowsiness, feeling light-headed, and sometimes feeling sleepy during the daytime. You can buy Lunesta 1mg online without a prescription from some reputable websites. It is recommended to take Lunesta just before going to sleep. In case of overdose, the patient may feel excessive sleepiness or suffer from a coma. Buy consulting your doctor you can choose the right Lunesta 1 mg Dosage. 

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