Play Way School in Sirsaganj | Play School Sirsaganj

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Bachpan Play School is known for using inventive Nursery Schools aids. For Kindergarten admissions, Bachpan Play School stands as the top Preschool in Sirsaganj, Firozabad

The segment of preschool education was still uncharted territory at the time Bachpan ventured to emerge as a leading Play Way School in Sirsaganj . With 1200+ branches at present, it epitomises an unyielding commitment to preschool excellence and fostering the all-round development of children through holistic education and fun learning. The standard that this Play School Sirsaganj  has set is well above the rest.

Since there was a lack of awareness about play-way methods of education that facilitate fun learning, Bachpan Schools in Sirsaganj Sirsaganj took it upon itself to spread awareness and elevate the bar of fun learning.