Introduction to Nursing Online Class Course

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Students explore the nursing philosophy based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. Students learn about four domains of patient care: professional nursing, health, illness and healthcare environment.


Prepare for a career in nursing with this online PCN 100 Topic 3 Benchmark course. Featuring flexible, self-paced coursework that fits your schedule, this online course is the first step to starting your nursing degree program.



Introduction to Nursing


Discover where a career in nursing may lead with this self-guided course. You'll explore the applied theoretical aspects of the profession and gain a greater understanding of where a future in nursing will take you.


The course examines health, nursing and illness, as well as the history of the nursing profession. It also identifies the core values and beliefs of nurses including integrity, caring presence, ethics, and professional development. Students will learn about the basic medical terminology used by nurses and identify professional behaviors, legal and ethical responsibilities, and academic success strategies.


This course addresses the care of adult patients who experience common acute and chronic healthcare problems using a caring presence framework. Classroom, simulation and clinical learning experiences will allow the student to integrate and correlate theory and practice with the adult patient. The course also focuses on the relationships between the patient and family and other health care professionals. The course incorporates social, political and economic issues that influence nursing practice.


Introduction to Medical Terminology


A key part of nursing school is medical terminology, which introduces students to the terms used in healthcare. These words can be complex, and students should take a step-by-step approach to ENGL 148 Research Paper Overall Effectiveness of Overdose Reversing Drugs building their knowledge of the language. StraighterLine’s free course offers a good start, introducing students to the root words, prefixes and suffixes that make up the vocabulary of medical terms.


Another important course is clinical rotations, where students interact with and care for patients in healthcare facilities under the supervision of a nurse faculty or approved preceptor. Often, these experiences are the most stressful part of the nursing program.


One of the hardest nursing classes is pharmacology, which teaches students to recognize drug effects on the body and their interactions with each other. This class can be stressful, but it’s essential to a successful career in nursing. It’s recommended that students invest in a study guide and practice NCLEX questions to increase their chances of passing this SOC 100 Topic 1 Globalization A Near look class.


Introduction to the Nursing Process


In this course, students explore the nursing process and learn about the different roles nurses play in caring for patients. They also learn how nurses contribute to the health of patients and communities around the world.


The course introduces students to the field of nursing in a two semester sequence. The first semester provides an overview of the history of nursing, education and licensure requirements, career path options and nursing responsibilities. In the second semester, students will examine various nursing theories and focus on the nursing process including assessment, diagnosis and treatment options.


Nurses can face emotional challenges in their jobs, especially if they are dealing with the death of a patient or the loss of a loved one. This course helps nurses deal with these issues so they can continue to provide excellent care to their patients. The course also discusses the importance of ethics in MHA FPX 5010 Assessment 1 Current Environmental Analysis nursing.


Introduction to the Health Care System


The healthcare system is a huge part of the nursing field, so you’ll be learning how to navigate the ins and outs in your Introduction to Health Care Systems class. You’ll also learn how to effectively communicate with patients and their families, as well as how to handle patient emergencies.


One of the most important things you can do for yourself to ace your intro to nursing online class is to stay organized. Find a planner that works for you and use it to keep track of your daily and weekly activities and responsibilities. This will help you avoid missing important due dates and deadlines, which can make or break your grades in nursing school.


You’ll also be learning about the professional origins of nursing and how this impacts today’s healthcare delivery. You’ll also explore the multiple roles nurses play in society and healthcare.