Should children be told about school?

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I will not list here everything “what is not taught at school”, now we are talking only about choice.

I will not list here everything “what is not taught at school”, now we are talking only about choice.

When and how are you going to explain to your child that…

All people are subject to emotions and can be aggressive and dangerous. Even “my first teacher” may be mistaken, that it is not always necessary to obey her. Yes - sometimes you just need to disobey! In my experience, there was a glaring case when the teacher basically did not let the kid go to the toilet during the lesson, and he, excuse me, “put his pants on” in the classroom, and she didn’t have anything for it.

The world is generally unfair, and even the principal of the school (not to mention some bandits classmates).

Someone will always seek to limit the freedom of a young person - whether it be school, classmates, boss or government. The right to make your own decision will always have to be defended. The most important thing to remember is that you need to do your homework on time. Using the best academic editing services, you can help your child with their homework. In this way, you will be able to bring up in him the responsibility for doing homework.
Yes, yes, let's admit, in our public mentality there is rarely a "right to one's own decision"

Wherever you are, in order to achieve something, you will have to go through difficulties and overcoming everywhere. Often you need to do your job just by gritting your teeth. Even this applies to homework. To do this, you need to visit the webpage and you can show the child in practice how to use it. Thus, it will help your child to quickly and efficiently complete homework.And that the advice-order “You shouldn’t do this” is, as a rule, an alien and unnecessary choice for you (of course, I’m not talking about dangerous behavior for others now). And the adviser-commander, in fact, needs to be “sent” to go his own way. Because a school is not an army (and certainly not a prison). Therefore, you can use free resources to make learning even better. For example, if you use the essay proofreading service, you can help your child learn effectively. Thus it will serve to good teaching.

When, honestly, are you going to explain this to your child? Directly and without muddy parables, so that he can make his own decisions.

In the sandbox, when the kids start stealing each other's toys and one of the moms unfairly intervenes to defend her own?

In kindergarten, when the teacher rigidly “builds” the kids, where and how to play, what to do and when - and everything is on her command?
In elementary school, allowing you not to do your homework for a reason...? Yes, however, what difference does it make, for which one.
In the teenage "transitional" period, when hormones are naughty, and the voice breaks, and there are enough problems with "behavior" anyway?
Or is it closer to passing the decisive tests - the Unified State Examination, when the fundamental foundations of the personality, by and large, have already taken shape?
When will you encourage your child not to do endless “learning tasks” but to do real ones instead?
When will you tell your child that a seven-year-old kid's morning sleep is more valuable than not being late for lessons? And without justification that "otherwise the head does not understand at all" ...
What is more useful to do in the evening with the father of a birdhouse than to learn a paragraph about pistils and stamens?
What is more important than an essay about Mumu and Gerasim to feed an abandoned kitten?
What is it better to do an evening jog to the horizontal bars for the health of constant sitting at homework?
What is more valuable than a chapter on the global economy to make an advertisement for the sale of a bicycle from which a teenager grew up?
How to calculate the family budget and distribute it, how to spend pocket money (or better - earned on vacation) money, more important than solved integrals?
Time is the main and, unfortunately, non-renewable human resource. Either you spend it on one or the other. The choice is yours, not the school's. I hope that wise teachers will treat your choice with understanding.
Do you think I'm calling you to a battle "with the system"? Not at all! Everyone knows how such battles end with us.Rather, teach your children the realism and indifference necessary in our country.
Perhaps the most reasonable thing is to take the position of an experienced person and explain to the child that “everyone has nerves” and “it doesn’t happen to anyone” ... But you need to be able to defend yourself.
That everywhere there are rules and sometimes you have to adapt to them, if possible without losing your dignity and health.
That “you shouldn’t climb into the bottle” and “time itself will put everything in its place”, but now ... Well, yes, you have to do it.
A reasonable, balanced position based on reality is perhaps even the best for “survival”. However, if your child is somewhat depressed by this "reality", then you may have to move on to plan "B".

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