oracle placement procedure

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Oracle is a computer software and hardware company. They are the world's second largest software maker.we are providing best oracle placement procedure new updated syllabus with 15 years experience facallty.

What is Oracle and what is it used for?

Oracle is a product of Oracle Corporation, which provides a related database management system. Oracle’s RDBMS supports any data model and includes different product versions, such as the Standard Edition, the Enterprise Edition, the Express Edition, and the Personal Edition, from which the user chooses the database layout according to their needs. Oracle products are more efficient, scalable, and secure compared to other databases available in the market.

 What is Oracle?

Its database is also simply called Oracle. It is a multi-modal database management system designed primarily for enterprise grid computers and databases. It is also one of the first options for low-cost solutions for enterprise applications and data management. It supports SQL as the query language for interacting with the database.

Currently, its database comes in five different versions based on the features available

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