Chatterchat Platform Policies is a place that enables users to connect, share, message, post and advertise . In order to provide everyone with a safe and authentic experience using Chatterchat, the following types of content and behaviors are prohibited:

Spam negatively impacts interaction on the platform, reduces trust, and inhibits authentic engagement. Spam is defined as any of the following:

Selling illegal products, services, or technology such as escort services, prostitution, or illegal drugs
Selling weapons or controlled substances
Promoting illegal streaming links or websites, get-rich-quick schemes, miraculous improvements such as rapid weight loss programs, scams like advance-fee scams, unofficial password or account recovery services, or hacking services
Coordinated inauthentic activity, such as vote manipulation
Posting deceptive or malicious links on, including ones that mimic UI that direct users to unexpected websites
Posting the same content repeatedly, or sending the same messages repeatedly
Doing any of the following for the purpose of driving traffic to an external site or for monetary gain:
Posting irrelevant content
Posting links to other websites

Harassment and Bullying

Posting content or engaging in behaviors with the intent to harass, intimidate, or humiliate an individual, whether in public or private. This includes encouraging others to engage in such behavior. Examples include:

Finding a way to repeatedly message or engage with someone after being blocked
Creating a posts for the sole purpose of harassing a private individual
Posting about a private individual, that would appear to a reasonable observer, to be harassment
Targeted insults or profanity directed at private individuals based on personal attributes, such as physical appearance.
Revealing someone’s personal or confidential information without permission (also known as doxxing). Examples of what we consider personal information under this policy include:
Home address
Physical location
Identity documents such as government-issued IDs
Social security numbers
Financial account information
Credit card details
Medical records
Biometric data
Private phone numbers
Private email addresses
Real name of a pseudonymous account

If there is a question about you on, you have the right to have the entire question and its contents removed. However, we allow questions about lawsuits or any topic mentioned in the media that may reference individuals.

Hate Speech

Hate speech is defined as a serious attack on a group or individual based on their race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, sex, religion, caste, serious medical condition, or disability. This includes the use of slurs in a disparaging way, as well as content that dehumanizes or calls for violence, exclusion, or segregation of protected classes.

Examples include:

Statements like “[insert race/ethnicity] are not welcome in our country”
Statements like “[insert religious group] are parasites”
The use of racial slurs in a disparaging way
Threatening violence or calling for serious physical harm to an individual (e.g., “I hope you die”, “Someone needs to find and maim you.”, “I hope you get [insert disease] and die.”)
Encouraging, glorifying, or promoting:
Acts of physical violence towards others by civilians (excluding discussions about reasonable self defense as well as violence involving military actions).
Acts of physical violence towards others by other non-state actors, such as terrorist organizations.
Suicide or self-harm (including eating disorders). This includes soliciting or sharing information, strategies, or methods on how to commit suicide or self-harm.
Animal cruelty
Stating a specific intent to commit physical violence.
Stating intent to join a terrorist group, or recruiting on behalf of a terrorist organization
Graphically violent profile photos, Space icons, and cover photos.

Examples include:

Glorifying a violent mass casualty event (e.g., “I’m so glad [insert terrorist group] bombed that building”)
Explaining how long it would take to succumb to death after a self-inflicted injury or sharing the easiest way to inflict self-harm or commit suicide
Telling someone they should kill themselves
Sharing a link to an animal torture video and saying the animal “deserved it”
Providing tips on how to practice known behaviors associated with eating disorders. may also ban and remove all content from any user who is a confirmed and/or declared member of any group on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, or is a confirmed participant in acts of mass violence or hate crimes.
Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
Children and Minors

Sexually explicit or suggestive content (written or visual) involving children and minors. If child sexual abuse material is identified to us, we will remove it, report it to relevant authorities, and your account will be permanently banned.

Examples include:

Sexually explicit or suggestive content involving children and minors (this can include content involving minors who are fully clothed and not engaged in overtly sexual acts)
Descriptions, whether real or fantasy, of engaging in sexual interactions with children and minors
Soliciting or exchanging sexually explicit or suggestive images involving children and minors, or Spaces dedicated to such behavior
Sending or requesting sexually explicit media to or from a child or minor
Content describing different ways to coerce children and minors into sexual interactions
Advocating for or glorifying minor - non-minor relations
Sharing of external links to content that would violate this policy
Sharing sexually explicit content in Spaces that are directed towards minors (ages 13-17)
Grooming behavior, such as an adult attempting to engage in sexually explicit conversations with a minor on or off the platform

Advocacy against illegal or harmful activity involving children or minors is not a violation of this policy provided there is no sharing of, or linking to any material featuring child sexual exploitation.

Reporting - Please Speak Up: If you think you've found a account distributing or promoting sexually explicit or suggestive content involving children and minors, please report it to us using the in-product reporting tools. Please provide the username and links to all relevant content that led you to believe the account should be reviewed.

Sexually explicit or suggestive content (written or visual) involving animals with humans.

Sexually explicit graphic content involving adults which appears to be non-consensual or violent, as well as any content that promotes or glorifies non-consensual sexual activity.

Examples include:

Media clearly depicting any person involved in a sexual act or nude without consent, whether real or a faked depiction
Close ups of intimate parts of a person’s body in public (e.g., upskirt creepshots)
Distributing or sharing revenge porn
Violent sexual content (written or visual) that depicts violence, whether real or simulated, with sexual acts
Sending unsolicited and/or unwanted adult media, including images, videos, and GIFs through our messaging features

We allow educational discussions about sexual exploitation, stories of experienced abuse, and content seeking help or advice, but may restrict or remove content with explicit details.
Impersonation and Deceptive Activity

Do not use to impersonate another person, act as another entity without authorization, or create multiple accounts with the intention of violating Chatterchat policies. The use of multiple accounts to fake or manipulate engagement, engage in targeted user/content reporting, or to bypass or evade enforcement actions is not permitted.
Intellectual Property and Personal Rights

Do not post content that infringes any intellectual property or personal right of another party, including copyright, trademark, or privacy rights.
Profile Names

On, you're free to choose what you wish to be called so long as your name doesn't contain explicit content or violate our platform policies. Many people on choose to use their real name to provide legitimacy to the content they post and establish a sense of trust with the community.

Profile names may not contain the following:

Profanities, slurs, or other obscenities.
Sexually explicit language
Phone numbers
Any content that violates our existing platform policies

If you believe your profile name was flagged incorrectly, please submit a request at
Special Cases

Company or organizational accounts: You may create an account on to represent a legally incorporated business or other organization. You are not required to do so if you prefer to answer using a personal account. Not all organization accounts will be verified, though we may ask company accounts to provide verification.
Titles: We encourage you to include titles such as "Dr." and "Ms." and information about degrees (e.g., "M.D.", or "PhD.") as a credential as opposed to as part of your profile name.

Using the brand/logo

Using the brand name or logo (or variations) without authorization is prohibited.
Adult Content

Adult content in answers is only allowed when the question references an adult topic, which will restrict its distribution. Similarly, Adult content is only allowed in Spaces that are tagged as ‘Adult’. Adult content is not permitted in profile pictures, Space icons/cover photos, and topic images as these images appear throughout the site. Images for sex-related topics must be similar to images you would find in a medical/anatomy textbook and altogether not sexually graphic or explicit. defines adult content as any content (e.g., writing, imagery, or video) that is pornographic, depicts a sexual act, or is otherwise overtly sexual. Learn more.
Additional Policies

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Reporting Problems

If you see something on that you believe violates our policies, please report it. has the sole authority and final decision as to whether content or behavior violates these policies. We may enforce these policies in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to written warnings, removal of content, adding warning tags to content, or the limitation or termination of a user’s access to

We also may change these policies from time-to-time by posting an updated version of these policies.